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Fastlash Ribbons

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Cruelty Free & Vegan

Fastlash DIY lash extensions has been specially designed for anyone who cannot wear professional lash extensions but wants to still have beautiful lashes everyday! If you are a lash allergy sufferer, or just don't have the time or money for the upkeep of extensions these products are for you. 


5 minute application - 7 day wear - safe removal - reusable

D curl - Curly 

C curl - Natural 

bond, sealer, remover sold separately 

our thinnest band for the most comfortable & lightweight wear 

 10mm (short) - 12mm (medium) - 14mm (long) 

  • Premium quality 
  • Super soft & lightweight 
  • made from the same material as lash extensions 
  • identical to lash extensions when applied 
  • Jet, matte black 
  • cut into segments before applying 
  • apply to underside of the natural lashes at least 1mm away from the root 
  • undetectable and comfortable wear 
  • cannot be felt when applied properly 
  • must be applied with our FASTLASH bond 
  • Natural to glam styles, can be double stacked or mixed and matched 
  • can be reused up to 20 times if taken care of
  • when removed, clean with isopropyl alcohol to remove left over bond adhesive then our lash shampoo to cleanse. These can then be reapplied like new 
  • 1 box of ribbons will be enough to do both eyes and still have more leftover to save for a fresh set or use to double stack 
Fastlash Ribbons
Fastlash Ribbons Sale price£2.50 Regular price£10.00