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Lash Trays

Premium quality lash extension trays created using only the best materials to provide you with the softest, darkest lashes on the market. We have a range of silk Russian volume, velvet Russian volume along with our classic and flat classic lash trays so you can create multiple lash sets your clients will adore. Our lash trays are cruelty free always! 

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Sample Lash Trays
Sample Lash Trays Sale price£4.99
Velvet Russian 0.05Velvet Russian 0.05
Velvet Russian 0.05 Sale price£12.00
Velvet Russian 0.03
Velvet Russian 0.03 Sale price£12.99
Velvet Russian 0.07
Velvet Russian 0.07 Sale price£12.00
Easy Fan Lash TraysEasy Fan Lash Trays
Easy Fan Lash Trays Sale price£13.50
Brown Russian Lash Trays
Brown Russian Lash Trays Sale price£12.00
Mixed Brown Russian Lash TraysMixed Brown Russian Lash Trays
Flat Classic Lash TraysFlat Classic Lash Trays
Flat Classic Lash Trays Sale price£12.99
Brown Flat Classic Lash TraysBrown Flat Classic Lash Trays
Mixed Length Russian TraysMixed Length Russian Trays
Mixed Length Russian Trays Sale price£12.00
Mega Length Mixed Tray
Mega Length Mixed Tray Sale price£12.00
ProMade FansProMade Fans
ProMade Fans Sale price£13.99 Regular price£16.99
Classic Lash TraysClassic Lash Trays
Classic Lash Trays Sale price£7.99
Pro Made SpikesPro Made Spikes
Pro Made Spikes Sale price£7.99 Regular price£13.99
Green Mojito - Coloured Lash TraysGreen Mojito - Coloured Lash Trays
Green Mojito - Coloured Lash Trays Sale price£6.00 Regular price£13.99
Tequila Sunrise - Coloured Lash TraysTequila Sunrise - Coloured Lash Trays
Tequila Sunrise - Coloured Lash Trays Sale price£6.00 Regular price£13.99