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Mixed Brown Russian Lash Trays

Sale price£12.00

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Brown Lash Trays  - 0.05 

Our Russian volume lash trays are the best for creating handmade lash sets. Super soft & lightweight with a consistent, lasting curl throughout every lash tray. 

Mocha | Milk Chocolate - A stunning light/medium brown shade with a warm/neutral undertone. Perfect for clients who are fair haired/skinned and want a softer lash look.

Expresso | Dark Chocolate - A beautiful rich dark brown shade with a warm chocolate undertone. Perfect for all clients who don’t want jet black lashes but the closest shade to them. Also amazing to mix in with black lashes to create dimension and a unique lash look. 

12 row single trays with foiled sticky backs and silky soft lashes to create the most stunning Russian volume lash extensions. milk chocolate in colour with a true curl!

Cruelty free & vegan PBT materials are only used to create our lash trays. 



Colour:Mocha - Milk Chocolate
Mixed Brown Russian Lash Trays
Mixed Brown Russian Lash Trays Sale price£12.00