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ProMade Fans

Sale price£13.99 Regular price£16.99

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Pro Made Lash Trays 

  • Single Trays 16 rows = 320 Fans large tray 
  • Mixed Trays 12 rows = 120 Fans normal size tray

Our Pro Made lash trays are the best for creating Volume lash sets. Super soft & lightweight with a consistent, lasting curl throughout every lash tray. 

16 row single trays & 12 row mixed trays with foiled sticky backs and silky soft lashes to create the most stunning volume lash extensions. Jet black in colour with a true curl!

Cruelty free & vegan PBT materials are only used to create our lash trays. 

  • Ultra Soft & Lightweight 
  • Super Fluffy 
  • Premium PBT Material 
  • Handmade by professionals 
  • Cruelty Free (always!) 
  • True Jet Black colour 
  • 1:1 application (can be used if your only trained in classics) 
  • Use on there own or can be mixed in with handmade sets to half the time, cal also be used with classics to create hybrid sets 
  • numbered lengths 
  • foiled backs
ProMade Fans
ProMade Fans Sale price£13.99 Regular price£16.99